Exclusive Interview With Quadri Babatunde

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Home4ent Media Had an Interview with Eko vibes promotion first artist, Quadri Babatunde (Tinger) Check it out below to know more about Tinger..

Hi there. Please tell me your name and what you do for a living..?
My name is Quadri Babatunde ….. normally known as TINGER .

Tell me a little about yourself… where are you from, where did you grow up.. what was your childhood like?
Am still a student, and I have two sisters and a brother who is in football academy now.
Yellow is my favorite color.
am from langbasa, ajah Lagos State I grew up at okeranla at ajah Lagos State. i cant say my childhood was bad or good.

*. Why did you decide to become a musician?
I decided to become a musician because I know I have the talent and my parents want me to keep it up.

*. What Songs & Events have you worked on. Which one was your favorite and why?
I have worked on a song titled Ori MI and currently working on my next single.
As For Events, Am Planning on hosting one soon, so My fans should get Ready..

*. What has been your most touching or amazing moment you’ve experienced as a musician?
My most touching moment was when people sing my song and tell me how good and dope my song is. And Also when people sing along with me on stage.
And For My Amazing Moments.?, That’s when people wants to be like me and also other musicians wants to feature me in their songs too, I feel glad and blessed.

*. What other musicians have been inspirational to you in your work?
Only one musician called ecrown but I pray God should lift him up ….

*. What word of advice do you have for other upcoming artists in Nigeria..?
my advice is just be yourself don’t be bothered about what people will say when you start doing what you love cause nobody knows you better than you do, keep vibing and put God first in everything you do


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